Immersive company tour

Join owner Martin Wetscher on a personalized journey through the high-quality furniture store, boosting customer loyalty and engagement.

Where tradition meets modern top design: True to one of Wetscher’s central approaches, a company tour was designed as an immersive event that does justice to this special combination of the high-quality furniture store and lets the recipient go on an individual journey with the brand.

The immersive experience gives viewers the opportunity to be personally guided through the house by the owner Martin Wetscher as if he were there. Thanks to the interactivity, with which the recipients can actively shape their individual journey and thus have the opportunity to delve deeper into desired topics, they experience a very personalized experience.

This not only leads to stronger customer loyalty but also has the effect that the content of the company is automatically dealt with more intensively and for longer than would be the case with a linear presentation. The numerous positive feedback confirms this consistently.

The immersive technology used also has the enormous advantage that the data can be evaluated by the company along the customer journey. In this way, the company can evaluate, among other things, which topics are of particular interest to the recipients and how many viewers ended up actively making contact.