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Creating interactive videos is a breeze with Ivory Studio’s editor

With the editor, you can easily add interactivity to new or existing videos. The editor works very intuitively, so you can get started right away. Create moments of choice and branched storylines or add interactive layers to your videos. Add buttons and forms or make specific parts of your video clickable. Of course, all of the interactive elements can be designed to match your corporate identity.

create interactive video

Easy to use

Lean and mean: Ivory Studio’s video editor is a powerful tool with endless possibilities, still it is very intuitive and easy to use. In no time you’ll be up and running, bringing your creative ideas to life.

Cloud based platform

No more downloads and updates: Ivory Studio is a cloud based platform. That means your software is always up to date. It also means you can continue working on your video project anywhere and anytime. Just log in and pick up where you left off.

Tailored to your needs

Although our editor already has extensive possibilities, you may have specific wishes for your video project. We are happy to look into the possibilities for a tailor-made solution. Got wild ideas? Challenge us!

Editor features


Buttons & hotspots


Multiple storylines


Menus & chapters

Lead generation

Data capturing forms, email & WhatsApp


Quizzes, polls, scoring & surveys


E.g. interactive pop-ups


Data-driven, dynamic content

Add more value to your...




Add magic to your video content!

Our interactive video platform is the ultimate toolbox for creating high impact videos. Can’t wait to start experimenting? Start your free trial today!


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