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Fewer customer service calls? De Zonweringfabriek made it happen by deploying explainer videos

Sometimes installing a new product can be a bigger challenge than we had anticipated. Fortunately, we can always count on customer service, right? Well, that’s exactly what sun-shading specialist De Zonweringfabriek’s customers thought. The result: a constantly red-hot telephone in the customer service department. That had to change! Our partner Visualchefs developed clear explainer videos that guides the handymen step by step through the assembly process. And with success!

The challenge: handymen with lots of questions

De Zonweringfabriek is a specialist in awnings, solar screens and roller shutters. Since 1970 the company has been producing high quality products at a competitive price. Sales and installation are mostly carried out via dealers. However, there are always consumers who want to install their sun-shading themselves. But that isn’t as easy as it seems. Resulting in a customer service flooded with phone calls from do-it-yourselfers with lots of questions. How could this strain be relieved?

The partner: Visualchefs, masters of image and sound

During the development of their new website, De Zonweringfabriek presented this problem to our partner Visualchefs. As a visual content agency, Visualchefs develops and creates visual communication expressions for various clients. Tim Bakker is Founder & Creative director Animation & AR at Visualchefs. He explains that they have been working with interactive video for three years now: “With every new project, we start thinking about interactivity right from the start. That offers so many possibilities. Especially with explainer videos, which is really our specialty in the field of video.”

The video: a clear explainer video for DIYers

The Visualchefs team immediately thought of creating interactive explainer videos to tackle De Zonweringfabriek’s challenge. Tim: “We started by developing a video for the assembly of an awning. All the steps in the assembly process were written out and worked out in clear animations. The result is an extremely clear instruction video in which the consumer is guided through the assembly process, step by step, using text and moving images.”

“The interactive explainer videos guide the consumer through the assembly process, step by step. The effect: the assembly process runs better and there are fewer phone calls to customer service.”

– Tim Bakker, Founder Visualchefs

The result: a huge relief for customer service

By now, there is a nice collection of explainer videos on De Zonweringfabriek’s website. This allows the consumer to get started at his own pace with the assembly of an awning, roller shutter or screen. Tim: “The videos have the desired effect: because self-assembly goes more smoothly, there are far fewer calls to customer service. And if someone does call, the service employee can easily refer them to a specific chapter in the video.”

Optimising on the basis of viewing and clicking behaviour

The analysis function within Ivory Studio is also very valuable for Visualchefs. Tim: “When a video has been running for a number of months, we gain insight into all kinds of user data. Think of the number of viewing minutes and the click-throughs. Based on this data, we can determine whether the videos are performing as desired or whether they can be optimised. This also helps us to build up a good relationship with our clients: together you can constantly build on something beautiful.”

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