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Interactive e-learning videos improve learning performances

Have you ever wondered why it can be so difficult to remember information from books – while you can effortlessly repeat trivia you learned from a game show or computer game? It’s the active engagement with the subject matter that makes it easier to understand and remember new information. And that’s exactly what interactive e-learning videos are all about.

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Learning at your own time and pace

Learning new information through e-learning videos is a proven effective learning method. Besides, it allows users to go through the course at their own pace, at a time that suits them best. This too has a positive effect on the learning process and performance.

Suitable for more than online learning

In addition to adding more value to online courses, interactive e-learning videos can be used for various purposes. For example, when onboarding new employees or when learning to work with a new machine.

Curious what that looks like?

Watch this cool interactive e-learning video by GoldfiZh

Interactive e-learning video

By adding interactive elements to your videos, you can create an e-learning experience that is very similar to face-to-face or classroom learning. There are several ways to do this. For example, by offering the possibility of skipping or repeating fragments. By including links to your website, intranet, SharePoint or Wiki in the video, you can provide the learner with additional information. Attaching PDFs or other files that are directly downloadable is also a possibility. Another frequently used feature in e-learning videos is a quiz: this way, the acquired knowledge can be tested right away.

Personalised e-learning video

With the help of a database, you can personalise your e-learning videos. By storing information in this database and linking it to the video, certain elements are automatically personalised during playback. For example, you can adapt personal data, texts, images or audio fragments to the person who is watching at that moment, without having to create a new video each time. This offers each user a unique learning experience with only relevant content.

The advantages of interactive e-learning videos compared to linear videos

The information in interactive videos is much better understood and remembered compared to linear videos.

This means the user sees a larger part of the message, which improves the information transfer.

The data shown in Ivory Studio’s analytics dashboard enable you to learn about your audience and improve your videos.

By adding interactive and personalised elements, you can deliver a video that is fully optimised for the individual user.

Assess and monitor users’ progress in the e-learning course. Ivory Studio provides valuable insights into the performance of your video content.

Better learning performances will lead to less questions from the user. This reduces the pressure on your service desk.

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