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Behind the wheel of the newest BMW – before it even hits the showroom floor

A 100% electric powertrain, innovative features, prices, upholstery, attractive design – there are a million factors to consider when buying a new car. But which aspects are the most important? That differs per brand and per model. Advertising agency Mayster developed an interactive video to give each individual consumer a unique showroom experience. For nothing less than BMW’s newest flagship model.

The case: how to make the latest technologies tangible for consumers?

BMW launches its latest model. This car is so innovative – it’s merely impossible to explain in words. You have to experience it. Sit down in the driver’s seat and press and turn all the carefully concealed buttons. That is what’s going to convince you. But how do you convey a huge amount of information and specs to the consumer, when the first real car has yet to roll off the assembly line?

The partner: Mayster, advertising agency for the automotive industry

Advertising agency Mayster specialises in advertising for the automotive industry. The agency creates data-driven, high-impact content for car brands and works for a wide range of importers and manufacturers. Marcel Buining, CEO at Mayster, explains why interactive video fits this case so well: “There is a lot to tell about this new model of BMW. Heaps of information had to be presented in a clear and attractive way. Consumers want to be able to decide for themselves which information they find important. And they also have to be able to make sense of it. Moreover, for a brand like BMW, it is also important to create a certain experience. The presentation had to fit in with the allure and premium look-and-feel of the brand. And it did. The interactive video we made breathes BMW.”

The video: a showroom experience, from the comfort of your own home

For the shooting of the video, Mayster worked with a preproduction model of the car. Marcel: “We only had the car for two days. In our studio, we have brought the car to life in razor-sharp detail. As if you were right on top of it. In the interactive video, the viewer can zoom in on the details. You can scroll through all the different parts and aspects of the car. This makes it easy to pick out the information that you, as a potential buyer, find important. Just like a visitor in the showroom looks at a new car in their own way.

“I believe that interactive video will be the new standard.”

– Marcel Buining, CEO Mayster

The result: a visually appealing experience and a source of user data

Besides being a nice viewing experience, the interactive video also generates user data. Marcel: “One of the pillars of Mayster is that we work data-driven. We use data from market research in order to make the link between what consumers are looking for and what our clients offer. It is therefore very interesting for us that Ivory Studio registers the viewing behaviour and provides valuable insight. The data is clearly displayed in our dashboard, so that we can easily present it to the client.”

Interactive video as the new standard

BMW says they are very happy with the interactive video. Marcel: “What appeals to BMW is that an enormous amount of information can be given, in a very clear and attractive way. We have the space to show people a car, without irritating them or trying to sell too quickly. I really believe in the technology. The strength of interactive video is that it isn’t a hype, nor a gimmick. It is a logical solution and has real added value. I truly believe it will become the new standard.”

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