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Funk-e was originally one of the first explainer animation agencies in the Netherlands. We’re proud of that, but we have since evolved into true explanation masters who clarify complex issues on a daily basis.

Everything at Funk-e revolves around creating lasting impact. We take on your complex challenges and transform them into clear, engaging, and effective communication, especially in the context of significant change processes.

We ensure that internal target audiences understand these complex or sensitive topics. We achieve this through compelling and creative campaigns and content tailored to your target audience, stimulating behavioral change.

And we do all this without a ‘mysterious’ creative process, but rather, transparently from the start. No endless email discussions or lengthy meetings. Instead, we gather around the table with the right people in a workshop setting. This way, we create the right message at the right time through the right channel. Efficiency, creativity, and focus all in one!

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Sabrina Foe-A-Man

Account & Project Manager

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    Client: Airbus Foundation

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    Discovery Space

    Client: Airbus Foundation