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About SMASH Studios

We make films. Films that achieve the intended result. From creative filmmaker to data driven marketing agency. With a focus on visual content.

Our vision: using fun, talent and passion to do things differently than the standard marketing and film production companies. Why? Because you want to stand out in the market and make a difference.

We do this with a dose of creativity: with humour, a bit crazy and just on the edge, or a gripping feel-good film that tells the story with the right tone of voice. From small-scale film shoots to film productions with a multidisciplinary and specialised team.

At SMASH Studios you don’t get a dime a dozen, but a unique and special film.

We have become big thanks to our unique film productions. We are growing fast in the development and execution of social media and e-mail campaigns. We are proud of the return on investment we have achieved for our clients. Moreover, we already have great showcases in the field of marketing automation: more leads and higher turnover with the same colleagues.

Together with IVORY, we take that extra step to get returns from film content. Both from the conviction that you can achieve more with Interactive Video. The technology is ready for it and it is now available for every organisation.

Michiel Sanders

Managing Director

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    What’s Next

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    Dr. Oetker

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    QuickSlide Mounting Anchors

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