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Due to the educational experience of our founder, Martijn Krijtenburg, and producing over 50 films for education, we have seen the impact films can have within the education sector. Schools often struggle with a shortage of teachers and/or students, and our mission is to help them better position themselves.

We do this by creating powerful interactive promotional films, where the viewer is literally in control, making them films that seamlessly meet the viewer’s needs.

An interactive promotional film is never ‘just’ a film. There’s always a thought, idea, and objective behind it. To achieve that objective, we work with a five-step plan, a method that guarantees you a five-star result. Naturally, we also utilize the educational experience of our founder, Martijn Krijtenburg.

Step 1: Video Strategy

What is the goal of your film? Recruiting new teachers, students, or pupils, increasing brand awareness, or strengthening existing relationships? Sharing knowledge with your target audience? Whatever your goal and target audience are, we describe them in detail in a video strategy.

Step 2: Film Plan

We make the film concrete and build the film plan based on the information from step 1. This includes details on people, locations, and dates. It also specifies the images and audio clips we want to capture. We determine the storyline and length of the film. As many elements as possible are defined in advance, so the final result meets your expectations. Or even better, exceeds them!

Step 3: Recording

With the film plan in hand, we start shooting the film. Our experienced crew films, interviews, and records. If a location offers unexpected opportunities for additional shots not included in the film plan, we’ll capture those as well!

Step 4: Editing

Our editors select the best images and spoken lines and combine them with music, a voice-over, and graphic elements to create your film! Naturally, audio and color corrections are made where necessary. Once the draft version is ready, you’ll get to see it and provide feedback. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the film after feedback, will you receive the final version.

Step 5: Video Marketing

Once the film is ready, Destimotus can advise on its deployment. We don’t make films for the archive, but to be seen by your target audience. We know which online and offline channels are suitable for reaching your target audience. This can be done organically but also through paid promotion.

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