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About Public Cinema

Public Cinema was founded over 8 years ago with the mission to translate complex content into creative visualisation. We do this in the form of films, animated films, infographics, websites, campaigns, etc. We are ‘visual partners’ for many of our clients: this means that we think up and create all forms of creative and visual communication for them, advise them and also take the hassle off them.

The best of both worlds

Our 25-strong team consists of people who do creative communication work based on a university education in economics, administration, law, journalism, anthropology or business administration. In addition, there are numerous people working at art academies and creative training courses in the disciplines of film, graphic design, animation, illustration, etc. In this way, we offer the best of both worlds ‘in house’: we understand the content of (scientific) research and can translate it into creative and visual communication. In other words: there is nothing we like more than sinking our teeth into a complicated subject and then turning it into something that leaves you speechless.


We realise high-impact communication on scientific results and topics. We do this according to our formula: impact = content x form x reach. You have an impact when the content of your message is right, the form appeals and you reach the people you want to reach. A multiplier effect applies: the higher you score on the variables, the greater the impact.

Thijs Kasbergen

Creative Director

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