Rise of interactive video propels Ivory’s global expansion

Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, 21 April 2022 – Ivory, the company behind the interactive video platform Ivory Studio, is expanding its business beyond the Dutch borders. The company is entering a new phase with the international roll-out of their platform. The recent exponential growth and the attraction of brands such as BMW, Samsung and The German National Tourist Board contribute to this. The milestone was celebrated symbolically with the launch of Ivory’s new website.

The number of applications of interactive video is ever increasing

In the past two years, the growth that Ivory has been experiencing for years has accelerated. More and more innovative applications are being developed for interactive video. This is partly due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions that accompanied it. Ivory can now add various international brands to its portfolio. BMW, Samsung and The German National Tourist Board (GNTB), among others, use interactive video for various purposes.

The logical next step

Global expansion was always a clear dot on the horizon, states founder and CEO of Ivory Alexander Roossien: “The scalability of our platform makes it very suitable for the international market. But we deliberately chose to focus on the Dutch market first. However, as interest from abroad grows, the step to expand internationally only feels logical. The market is ready and so is Ivory.”

Ivory attracts first international partners

Ivory works closely together with creative agencies that specialise in interactive video. Roossien: “At Ivory, we believe: together you can achieve more. That’s why we are partnering with creative agencies that have the same DNA as Ivory. These are agencies with a great deal of experience, who are committed to innovation and who want to shape the market together with us. In addition to our Dutch partners, the first partners in Germany, England and Belgium have now joined us. The launch of our international website ivoryvideo.com symbolises the start of this new phase for Ivory.”

Ivory Studio: SaaS platform for developing interactive videos

Ivory Studio is the cloud-based platform that allows you to develop, share, analyse and optimise interactive videos. Roossien: “The platform offers endless possibilities for enriching videos. By adding moments of choice, clickable buttons, contact forms, menus with chapters, in-video call-to-actions, links and personalised content, you can really use video as a tool. For example, as a marketing tool for lead generation, as assembly instructions, as an e-learning course or for configuring a luxury watch. The possibilities and applications are endless. The only limit is your own imagination!

Add magic to your video content!

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