A common pitfall when creating interactive videos is that, in your enthusiasm, you want to add too much interactivity. The result is that it no longer serves a purpose, it distracts from the narrative and becomes a gimmick. A shame! So, how do you carefully add interactivity? The key is to look closely at your message and objectives. Let us help you with some examples from our Partners.
Netflix has been one of the market leaders for years, but the platform's growth is currently stagnating. This is forcing the platform to keep innovating in order to maintain its market share. How can Netflix continue to offer that ad-free viewing experience - and still grow? One way the platform does that is by making smart use of data. In more ways than you might think.
Ivory, the company behind the interactive video platform Ivory Studio, is expanding its business beyond the Dutch borders. The company is entering a new phase with the international roll-out of their platform.
Recently we introduced a new feature: from now on you can add a clickable WhatsApp button to your video. When the viewer clicks the button, WhatsApp automatically opens and a message can be sent immediately.
From 5-second ads to extended vlogs, virtual and augmented reality, Instagram reels, viral TikToks and impactful campaigns. Video is everywhere. As of 2019, the average user watches more than 100 minutes of video content per day. And according to Cisco, video content will account for a whopping 82% of internet traffic by 2022.
Investing in a good online shopping experience is no luxury, but a must. Hence, I would like to tell you more about the use of interactive video for e-commerce. What are shoppable videos anyway, and how can they boost your conversion? Let these 7 reasons convince you!
The past corona year has seen the rise of visual communication. Both in the area of work and in our social lives. As we meet each other more and more online, the need to communicate in a personal and interactive way has grown.
Nowadays, it is no longer taken for granted that when you post a vacancy, promising candidates will immediately come forward. Certainly in sectors with a chronic shortage of personnel, finding a good employee can be a lengthy and costly process. The competition between companies is killing.